Key People

Timothy F. Dufrain: President, Founder, Field Supervisor, and Master Carpenter.
Graduated high school: 1969 Bell Gardens California, East Los Angeles area.
Two years college: Ventura College, Ventura California, major in Building Construction.
Graduate from commercial diving school, qualifier in deep sea hard hat, mix gas, and underwater welding.

Moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1973. Worked for McDonald Marine as diver, underwater concrete, welding, and trenching from Pensacola to Tampa, FL.

1975, began dryland construction with companies of high reputation including S&H Construction and Cronley Construction where I learned from old school carpenters, also where I was encouraged and supported to study and receive my Contractors license in 1980.  In 2007, he became a private pilot.

Nancy M. Chilcoat: Vice President, Field Supervisor and Master Painter
Graduate, Oskaloosa High School, 1967, Topeka, KA

Her family did much construction and remodeling in the Topeka area. From a young age, she was taught the trade. Upon arrival to Pensacola, with her young daughter, she started painting with Dee Jays Painting contractors. Soon advancing to supervisor of crews, in charge of jobs from Baptist Hospital, funeral homes, and retail units like Builder Square.

She started with DuFrain Construction in 1989, painting commercial and residential jobs under Nancy and Associates. In 1996 she became Vice President of DuFrain Construction, Inc.

Gerry Spink: Working Supervisor and Master Carpenter
A carpenter since high school graduation in 1975, he worked as a framer for many years before starting his own framing sub-contract business. He came to work for DuFrain in 1995 as a general carpenter. His general knowledge of all aspects of construction and his seemingly endless skills quickly made him an indispensable asset to this company.

Sherry Clark: Secretary, Painter
Sherry helped her mother, Nancy, with the company while in high school, and has continued after graduation in 1993 from Washington High School. When not in the field painting, shes the secretary for the company. While working during the day for DuFrain, she put herself through nursing school.

Christopher C. DuFrain: Carpenter
Chris has been with DuFrain Construction from an early age, helping his father on the job. He graduated from Washington High School in 2000. He works full time as a carpenter-the next generation.

Chris as of October 2009 now has his Certified General Contractors license for the Whole State of Alabama.

 a big help for our company.