June 6, 2001
Tim DuFrain
DuFrain Construction
6295 Winona Drive
Pensacola, Florida 32504

Dear Tim,
Please accept this as our letter of recommendation for your use. We have enjoyed a relationship with DuFrain Construction that now has extended over 8 years. DuFrain Construction has performed remodel and new construction work on all facets of our building needs. Most importantly, you have continued to work for us because we know you share our goals on the importance of quality. We also appreciate your availability to us until a job is completed.

I would highly recommend DuFrain Construction to the attention of anyone needing the type of work that is similar to what you have done for us. Let me know if there are any questions.
Roger W. Webb
President and Chairman of the Board

June 7, 2001
Dear Sir,
Mr. Tim DuFrain has been a good, reliable, and loyal customer here at Scotty's for a number of years now. His business conduct has always been very professional. We have always been able to work with Tim and his people.

Our sales rep. Bill Hensley has handles Tim's account personally for six years now. Mr. Hensley has observed Tim on the jobsite dealing with other subs and suppliers. Tim's commitment to building a quality product always shows. Tim always does his best for the people he builds for.
We at Scotty's are privileged to be associated with DuFrain Construction and look forward to many more years working with Tim and his company.
Sincerely yours,
Kent Thaxton
Scotty's General Manager, Store #70

To Whom It May Concern,
We have had Tim DuFrain, DuFrain Construction Inc. build two projects for Richcor Inc.

The first project was complete in April 1999. It was a combination Groovin Noovins Food Store and Wendy's Hamburgers at the corner of Kingsfield Road and Highway 29, Contonment Florida. This building was approximately 8700 square feet on a two acre site.

The second project was complete in March 2001. This was a combo Groovin Noovins Food Store and Santino's Pizza and Grinders at the corner of Woodbine and Quintette in Pace Florida.

Both projects were completed properly and on time. There were no conflicts on either project. Our relationship has been very good and continues to be. We will use DuFrain in the future and vouch for their work and character.
R.D. Richardson
President, Richor, Inc.

May 30, 2001
To Whom It May Concern,
Our company has been doing business as a subcontractor for DuFrain Construction for nine years. During this time, we have seen this company grow into a competitive commercial construction business. Their craftsmanship is good and sound with very few call backs.

We have done many commercial jobs with them. These include: Wendy's, Fazolis, Santinas, and Groovin Noovins.

We have found Tim DuFrain, the owner and president, to be very honest and hard working. He is an excellent craftsman and expects the same from all his subcontractors.

Our company, without reservation, would recommend DuFrain Construction for any building project.
Don C. Boyd
President, The Boyd Plumbing Company, Inc.

May 30, 2001
To Whom It May Concern,
I have been acquainted with Tim DuFrain of DuFrain Construction, Inc. since the early seventies. He has been involved in construction for over thirty years and has created a very professional company.

Tim has been doing commercial new and renovation jobs primarily. He has been very successful in acquiring the construction of fast food stores and seems to always be on schedule and as a Sub-Contractor, his payment plan is always on time as well, which alone speaks for the integrity of the individual.

Tim is an exception to construction, in his ability to do the work, as well as supervise and complete projects as scheduled. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone needing new or renovation work.
Jack McCombs, Lennox

June 8, 2001
I want to thank you for jobs well done. The Groovin Noovin's and Santino's on Woodbine Road in Pace were completed in a timely fashion. There are several facets of your construction business that are strong points. I find that your staff is informed on a daily basis. Having your superintendent keep up jobsite file has been an asset. Clarification questions would arrive in a timely and presentable manner. The ability for you and your staff to maintain a repore with the building officials, even at times, when the inspectors were excessive was important to me. I deal with them monthly.

I am not hesitant to call on you for a question. Your tabling of costs as presented to my clients is clear and concise. As I completed the next project, I look forward to working together again.
David J. Pinder, Architect